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From Broke to Billions: 5 True Stories

Music Maker He was a struggling musician, determined to make it in the industry. Scottish by birth, he’d moved to Canada when he was 13 years old when his Dad decided the kids would have more opportunity in the big ol’ white north. After years of dreaming and not giving up, he was nominated for…

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people who soar have strengthened their wings this way–do you?

I used to look at people who were living amazing lives and think “It must be so easy for them. They’re confident, smart, business-savvy AND creative. It must just be a snap.” I like to rationalize this temporary insanity by blaming it on my lack of self-awareness at the time. (I might use that excuse…

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love vs fear: decisions that dance

ON FEAR AND LOVE The universe doesn’t reward us for living in fear. The universe is always guiding us towards the recognition that not only are we loved, we ARE love. Always. It’s frightening to make decisions from a place of love–as strange as that sounds. It feels easier to make choices that listen to…

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peace + empowerment: 4 spots left! 4-week life coaching program starts week of March 5th

In celebration of the fact that coaching a certain number of clients is part of my Martha Beck life coaching certification AND in celebration of upcoming Spring 2012… Only 4 spots left! Zip me a note today for more info or to sign up! 4-WEEK PEACE + EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM • Only 4 spots left! •…

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7 crazy sexy blogs on love, food, sex and money

Make love, and profit Danielle LaPorte digs deep from her own life experience and proven successes to teach soulful ways to make an abundant living doing what you love–and more. Mark Silver embraces Sufism, business savvy and listening to your soul. Jonathan Fields writes riveting, from-the-heart, razor-sharp insights about work, play, life and making a…

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the high dive. what do you do when you feel fear? 1 uniquely powerful tool [vid]

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truth always feels good. a 4-step exploration of speaking up

I am not an expert at this. I’m not a pro. But then again, word has it that what we need to learn is what we teach best–because if we did it automatically, if it came instantly and naturally, how would we know how it happened? I had a whole schedule written up for inspired…

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what the what? de-coding body talk

Can you hear it? Your essential self—genetic legacy, tastes and talents, the core you that makes decisions from a place of love—talks to you through your body. Our essential self goes beyond the language and logic of the social self. Guess what? The verbal, logistical, analytical, numeric brain processes about 40 bits of information per…

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How are You Celebrating the New Year? 4 Week Peace + Empowerment Program

In celebration of the fact that coaching a certain number of clients is part of my Martha Beck life coaching certification AND in celebration of the New Year… Only 2 spots left! 4-WEEK PEACE + EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM 5 spots only–only 2 spots left! 4 coaching sessions 1st one FREE 50% discount off regular priced coaching…

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winter solstice, New Year’s Eve, aligning with what’s vital, and why I decided NOT to go to India

WINTER SOLSTICE The North Pole tilted as far away from the sun as it will get this year on Wednesday, December 21. For lots of North Americans, the shortest day of the year signals celebration, reflection, and a time to take stock for the upcoming year. The next day, the light began to make its…

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