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On Using Your Intuition in Your Business and Your Life

Ever feel like you just want to slow down and let someone else take over? Read on. Here’s the truth. Yesterday as I was thinking of sending out a message to all of you, I got all plan’ey and master-mind’ey and ‘make things happen’ey. It’s an easy place for me to be. I’ve been a…

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magical time: what happened when I stopped believing there wasn’t enough

If you never feel like you have enough time, if you feel like you’re always racing, that you can’t rest–read on. This is for you. I was there, too. And then, something magical happened. Picture This: My husband walks in the door at the end of the day. He is happy. Happy to be home,…

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could your mindset be holding you back from success?

Could your mindset be holding you back from success? This question is one I got so excited about a number of months ago: Could your mindset be holding you back from success? I’d explored mindset from different angles, but never specifically like this. This approach was all about simplifying everything down into two easy-to-use categories…

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6 ways to experience success–on your own terms

We miss this. We forget it. We get all caught up in so many other things. But when we get it, when we do it–everything changes. And Konstantin knew it. He reminded people of it. And then everything changed. Here are 6 ways to experience success–on your own terms 1. Do it for the love….

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this year, evoke magnificence. 5 steps to create your dream year

Looking Back to Jump Ahead Early in December, I start thinking about the new year. I look back on the year I just had and do something a coach I love calls “running game film.” Like an athlete will watch the film of the game they just played to assess how they did–what they rocked…

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Create brilliance. Without working too hard

There is a brilliance in the pauses, the quiet moments in our life where something rises up to greet us and surprise us with it’s perfection. Where the perfect solution to all that we’ve been wondering about presents itself. With ease. With grace. This post is about how to access that whenever and wherever you…

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It Only Happens Twice a Year. Apply for 2.5 hours of coaching with me

This opportunity comes only 2x per year. Late in the year, say around November, I start to think about the year that’s passed. I take a step back and up and look at things from a higher perspective. Did I do what I say I wanted to? Am I where I wanted to be? And,…

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early boxing day sale: Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living

I know, it’s not Boxing Day. I’m a bit early for a Boxing Day sale. But–I figure at this time of year any moolah-saving is a good thing, no matter what it’s called or when it is. And this way you can get yourself or someone you love a little (big) somethin’ somethin’ for a…

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The Giving Tree. 20 days of Giving

Shel Silverstein broke my heart. It was his kid’s book The Giving Tree. The kid just takes and takes and takes. The tree just gives and gives and gives. And the kid stays unhappy–even until he grows all the way up. The tree stays happy–even until she gets cut all the way down. It’s a…

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the beauty of falling apart

There’s a beauty in falling apart. In the raw, unfiltered explosion of emotion that’s been there for so long but tucked away behind the smile. Truth always feels good. Even when it hurts. Even when it makes us want to slide down onto the kitchen floor and wrap our arms around our knees and just…

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