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weekly inspiration. crow feeding a hungry dog

Inspirational Video Here’s this week’s inspirational video. Check out this warm-hearted crow feeding treats to a dog. Did this inspirational video make a difference in your day? Share it with someone else. Let’s light each other up. Big love, L

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it is no small thing or selfish thing to pursue what makes you deeply and uniquely happy

It is no small thing or selfish thing to pursue what makes you deeply and uniquely happy. It’s your birthright. It’s your purpose. It’s the greatest gift you can give to the world. You are called to live a life of joy. You are destined to be fulfilled and filled-up with love. You are called…

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rise. and shine.

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how can you do less in a way that gives you more?

Illumination Station You get what you invest. You are here to thrive, to flourish, to live out loud–every day.   You shine.   Give yourself permission to say ‘no.’ Sometimes, saying ‘no’ to others means saying ‘yes’ to yourself. Say YES today. Right here. Right now. Invest in what matters–to you. You deserve it. And…

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you can pilot your life. fly

Doubt sinks down. Hearts lift up. Every time you show up in the world in the way that is most true for you, you give others permission to do the same. Every time you listen to the voice that says ‘you can’, you fuel your engine. Spark your own fire, light it up, don’t let…

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inspiration junkie. 5 inspiring sites around the web and world

We all need an inspiration hit every now and then. Maybe every day. Here’s a few places I go for inspiration: GoodLifeProject TV Straight from the creator’s mouth: “In the show, we go narrow and deep with people who are living aligned, empowered, juicy lives and also tapping the wisdom of some of the leading…

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ask for it, get it. a true story of daring, and reaping rewards

Six Months to Build a Dream She had the number ‘six months’ in her head. This would be enough severance pay to get her feet on the ground and her dream business up and running. It would carry her through the down-time where she would recuperate from a draining corporate gig, through the up-time where…

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7 crazy sexy blogs on love, food, sex and money

Make love, and profit Danielle LaPorte digs deep from her own life experience and proven successes to teach soulful ways to make an abundant living doing what you love–and more. Mark Silver embraces Sufism, business savvy and listening to your soul. Jonathan Fields writes riveting, from-the-heart, razor-sharp insights about work, play, life and making a…

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the power of one

You matter. I believe in the power of one. I believe the little things make a big difference. I believe in a world where we recognize our innate ability to evolve and help the world do the same. I believe in a world where we understand that to do this we start with ourselves. I…

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On Letting Go by Letting Be

  Trying to let something go? Try this: Let it be there.

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