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5 yoga stress busters

‘Tis the season to be busy. December is jam-packed with office lunches, holiday brunches, and family festivities. And, for some, feeling overwhelmed and stressed. We need take-anywhere Stress Busters to help us prevent and relieve stress. So here you go: 5 TAKE-ANYWHERE YOGA STRESS BUSTERS1. Breathe. Not chest-breath. Belly-breath. Inhale all the way from your belly…

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just do it: getting off the roller coaster

There’s been a lot of talk among everyone I interact with lately about roller coasters. As in “my life is a roller coaster.” Anything at all can be labeled as the cause: work, school, love life (or lack of it), family, friends–whatever it is, it’s perceived to be packing super highs and super lows. Full…

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puppies for stress relief

A story that has made my day. Filing it under ‘Earth is a good place to be’. Nevermind the fact that NBC Washington classified it under ‘Weird’. Finals week is here for students at ChapmanUniversity in Orange. And with it comes stress, study sessions and long sighs of frustration. The solution: 10 puppies. Maltese, Yorkie,…

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