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5 Q’s with Gurmukh: rapid Kundalini yoga, why the white, and on compassion

She’s powerful, she’s inspiring, she’s potentially life-changing. 5 questions with Kundalini yogini to the stars Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. 1. What’s the magic behind Kundalini yoga? What makes it so effective in terms of personal growth and spiritual evolution? The magic of Kundalini Yoga is that it works fast. In this world where people are being…

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Bellyfit: q+a with the creator of this fusion body-soul rockin’ practice [video]

The amazing Alice Bracegirdle, founder and CEO of Bellyfit, shares her passion and joy with Joy Yoga readers. 1. Why Bellyfit?As with most successful business ventures, Bellyfit® was created out of a personal need that turned out to be the need of many. In early 2003 I found myself at a personal low. After having…

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Top 5 Insights from yoga teacher Elena Brower [video] (plus Yoga at the Great Lawn)

Amazing Anusara yogini Elena Brower took time out from running her New York studio, Vira Yoga, being an Adidas yoga global trainer, and a mom, to share some life-lifting insights with Joy Yoga readers. Yay for us! 1. You teach Anusara yoga. Why this style, rather than another? Anusara has a fundamental focus on alignment,…

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YI: yogadawg does joy yoga

YogaDawgYoga style: Downward It took mucho digging, a lot of perseverance, and some home-baked doggie treats, but I finally got through to the real-deal, under cover, YogaDawg: he of the infamous My third Eye Itches: A Yoga Guide. For the inside scoop on his yoga path, and latest work, read on. YogaDawg, a brief bio:1910:…

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YogaDawg’s Favourite Video


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YogaDawg: Favourite Teacher?

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YogaDawg: Why Painting?

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YI: Yoga Diva’s divine life

Leslie KershaCounselor, Yoga Instructor, Blogger, Wife, & Small Business OwnerYoga Diva, and Creative SpaceYoga Style: Power Yoga Leslie’s passion and mission in life is to help and inspire others to create full, balanced, and gracious lives. She has a B.A. in Education and a M.Ed in Counseling, taught High School English for four years and…

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YI: high street yogi: live your yoga

Barbara KosciewiczHigh Street Yoga and WellnessYoga Style: Hatha A mom with a passion for yoga, wellness and healing, Barbara’s journey into yoga began while she was pregnant with her middle son and has evolved into a “life-work that is like no other job.” Her approach encourages students to take what they learn off the mat…

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Semperviva’s Gloria Latham on work as play, and a kick-start to a dream

SEMPERVIVA YOGA CO-FOUNDER, DIRECTOR OF YOGA TEACHER TRAINING, MOM Who am I? Quite simply someone who is ridiculously passionate about yoga, and very eager to share that passion. Plus a proud mother of two beautiful girls. I am very fortunate that my work is something I love. I don’t have a distinction between work and…

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