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How to Support You and Your Business

Are you feeling freaked out? I was, too. Let’s talk about how to support you and your business. I’m running a call called ‘How to Support You and Your Business’. When: Tuesday, March 24 at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET. Set aside an hour for us. Where: Zoom. Use this link to join:…

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it’s all good. 7 things people are really surprised to learn about me

This woman said it A while ago a soft and gentle woman told me how she’d first come to notice me and what I do: we were in dance classes together. And, she told me—I just seemed so annoyingly happy. It drove her nuts. She was totally irritated. And then one day she thought: “Actually,…

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sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith

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a little something I’m grateful for {video}

Lindsey: Gratitude

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much love and thanks to Sivana Spirit for the ambassador invite

Big love and mucho thanks to the great guys behind Sivana Spirit–for asking me to be an ambassador. Here’s why I said ‘yes.’ – They use a lot of organic cotton – They import from India – They’re a family-run company – They’re not just into yoga, but also sustainable living So thanks, Sam and…

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big love + thanks

Wow, what a response to Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living. Two access codes maxed out. Multiple email back and forths. Facebook posts. * Big love and thanks to Public Myth, Tonic Lifestyle Apparel, The Yoga Diaries, and Daily Cup of Yoga for sharing this with your communities. Umpteen Tweets. * ‘specially thanks to…

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basil in the garden. are you doing this with your energy?

I went to see a good friend and mentor of mine recently. She’s a life coach who works with very very VIP peeps in the corporate sector and if her clients’ “ah ha” moments are anything like mine when I get to hang out with her, they must be high on the fumes of inspiration….

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yoga in vancouver + me on the cover of a magazine?!

Five years ago I quit my job as a magazine editor to leap towards destiny. It feels both poetic and completely astonishing to see myself now on a magazine cover. A comprehensive article on where to do yoga in Vancouver, what to wear for yoga in Vancouver, and where to eat. Featuring Semperviva Yoga, Public…

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Wild Wisdom: 22 Love Lessons from My Naked Heart to Your Anxious Head

Doesn’t that title just grab your soul? Too bad I didn’t come up with it. You know who did? An inspiring holistic anxiety coach, speaker and now the author of this breath of fresh air work of the soul-grabbing name. Her name is Hadley Gustin, and she reached out to me a little bit ago…

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do you really need love?

Can love do it all? Can it lower your blood pressure, reduce depression, and make injuries heal faster? Recent research by the Washington Post says yes. Apparently, according to the experts consulted (psychology profs, departments of health and human service, social psychologists and the like):– having someone to support us through stressful times makes the…

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