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taming vata: seasonal vinyasa tips for fall

This is a guest post from Melina Meza, BS Nutrition, Registered Yoga Teacher, 500 hours. Still not impressed? This woman’s been exploring the art and science of yoga and nutrition for over 16 years. Plus, she’s developed her own style of yoga called Seasonal Vinyasa. p.s. Not sure what the Ayur Vedic term Vata dosha means?…

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guest post: Teach Street yogis on how to fit yoga into your daily life

This is a guest post written by TeachStreet.  TeachStreet is a website dedicated to providing online and local classes as well as yoga classes. We all know the benefits, both physical and mental, that yoga provides us. Not only that but many find yoga to be a fun and relaxing experience. The problem is, not…

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can you be better all the time? practicing compassion

It’s not a revolutionary idea to say that there’s a lot of pressure to be better. ON THE MATIn a yoga class, the idea that we need to be better can come up anywhere. It happens a lot within asana (physical poses), where we compromise the integrity of the pose—and put our bodies at risk…

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