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the beauty of falling to pieces + 5 tips for letting your yoga practice help you

So, what’s new? A friend I haven’t seen in a few weeks asked me this over the weekend. Actually, I’ve started a huge new project–more on that in the new year, it’s a secret for now–taken up painting, and been on a couple weekend trips. But the honest, most authentic answer I wanted to share…

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guest post: Teach Street yogis on how to fit yoga into your daily life

This is a guest post written by TeachStreet.  TeachStreet is a website dedicated to providing online and local classes as well as yoga classes. We all know the benefits, both physical and mental, that yoga provides us. Not only that but many find yoga to be a fun and relaxing experience. The problem is, not…

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5 yoga-inspired tools to beat insomnia, for Elephant Journal

Apparently the National Sleep Foundation is onto something. If the number of hits to my last post, Yoga Tools for Sleeping Well, are any indication, their statement that 65% of all Americans have trouble sleeping is bang-on. So here are some more tools I’ve used along the way to become a slumbering, dreamy sleeper. I…

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thanksgiving holiday helpers: 5 yoga tips to keep you calm and strong

Thanksgiving. An enormous dinner with all the trimmings. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream. And family. Lots and lots of family. Crikey. If you’re like me, family can push buttons you didn’t even know you had. Or ones you thought no longer existed. One minute you’re basking in the comforting embrace of the ones you’ve spent…

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check it out desk jockeys: yoga tips for you

They’re targeting online college students, but these tips can be used by anyone spending any time at a desk. I offered five. They ran two. Ah well. You can read the rest of them below, and get more insight from me, and other yogis in the full article. 1. Ankles and FeetAlternate between pressing the…

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yoga for you, you crazy busy thang

Vacation DayA yogi friend of mine recently, caringly admonished me to “take the day off when it’s your day off.” We were talking about the days we don’t teach, work, or have any commitments. The days we really, truly, have the day off. She argued that we should take a break from our morning yoga…

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yoga for pain relief

Did you know chronic pain is often, a lot of the time, not even related to anything causing actual physical pain? I didn’t. Here’s what else I didn’t know, but Kelly McGonigal, (Ph.D.–don’tchaknow–and RYT), author of Yoga for Pain Relief does:– chronic pain is a learned, overprotective body-mind response– the mind and body amplify your…

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smile super power

So what is it about the power of a smile? I’m pondering this a lot lately. There’s something to the universality of the expression. It’s understood, as far as I know, across cultures, across the world. It’s everlasting as a silent way to convey happiness. But here’s what else I think a smile can say:…

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just do it: getting off the roller coaster

There’s been a lot of talk among everyone I interact with lately about roller coasters. As in “my life is a roller coaster.” Anything at all can be labeled as the cause: work, school, love life (or lack of it), family, friends–whatever it is, it’s perceived to be packing super highs and super lows. Full…

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Top 5 Holiday Health Tips from Yoga Teacher and Health Psychologist

Kelly McGonigal, a yoga teacher, shares some tips on taking care of yourself during the busy season. Why does what she has to say matter? She’s also a health psychologist at Stanford University and the author of a new book, Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Strategies for Calming Your Mind and Healing Your Chronic Pain….

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