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saucha whatcha? this yoga niyama’s got your back

Don’cha just love it when yoga comes to the rescue? There I am, benignly batting my eyes about the latest bad news I haven’t heard about, while my convo buddy exclaims over my lack of insight into world affairs–and bammo! I’ve got an excuse. Er, I mean, rebuttal. I’m practicing saucha, a yoga niyama, or…

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feelin down? use this yoga pose to take your mood up

Feelin‘ down? Turn yourself around. One of the biggest bonuses to bringing your head onto the ground is a literal change in perspective. Shoulder stand and head stand (and even a teddy bear stand) give us a big-time boost in our brain, through fresh blood, prana and more. Top 5 More Reasonswhy going upside down…

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Yoga and Business: Best Buds or Incompatible?

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’; Business–noun1. an occupation, profession, or trade: His business is poultry farming.2. the purchase and sale of goods in an attempt to make a profit.3. a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern. How about4. a profitable enterprise of any kind, run with yogic intentions:…

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Philosophy: Unity

Why I Think Obama’s Win is a Yogic Step Forward Okay, I admit it. I’m no political aficionado. Ask me the details on Obama’s political platform, and I won’t be able to tell you. In fact, I’d rather not talk politics at all. So why am I thrilled he’ll be the new pres? Because 40…

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Philosophy: Aparigraha

Yoga and Shopping: Enemies or BFFs? Man, it’s hard to tell sometimes. Do we want the Ice Silver necklace from Lemon Park’s The Rocks collection because it’s simply the accessory of our dreams? Is it because PR maven Samantha Geer keeps wearing their pieces to mega media events? Or is it because we’re just plain…

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Philosophy: The Power of One

What ‘Om’ Can do For You For one tiny word, ‘Om’ has plenty of punch. I’ve heard it described as the one, original, primordial sacred sound; as the universal connection between all beings; as the ultimate mantra; as a tool for enlightenment; as the reverberation that ripples through every particle. As God. Yowza. The fact…

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Philosophy: Brahmacharya

or….The Relevance of Celibacy Full disclosure: I’ve been avoiding this one. It’s a touchy topic, one that can drive even the most serene people to use near screetching tones. “You think what?!”Because Brahmacharya, another yoga yama, or best-life behaviour tip, refers to celibacy, or avoiding all sense pleasures: mental, vocal, or physical. Are you already…

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Philosophy: Asteya at BCFW

Lights! Camera! Act like you’re confident! It’s not easy to stay cool when under the heat of the spotlight–even if the spotlight is actually just a revolving mini one at a nightclub-turned-fashion show stage. Last night, at Vancouver’s newest night spot, Pop Opera, local designer Jason Matlo debuted his Spring 09 collection. While Matlo didn’t…

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Philosophy: Stay Present for Peace

Full disclosure: I might be a bit of a control freak. Okay, I’m one of the most plan everything in advance, always be prepared people I know (except a good friend of mine who’ll remain anonymous ;). Did I mention my Style Statement is Tailored Flow? That’s 80% custom-fit, made-for-me, just how I like it-ness….

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Philosophy: Choose Your Thoughts

“So my yoga teacher says I’m not my mind, and that my thoughts aren’t me either. She’s also mentioned that I can choose which of the hundreds of thoughts in my mind I want to attach to. Uh huh. Right. So how am I supposed to do that, exactly?” It’s no easy thing. When we…

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