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how to stop looking for your purpose and find it

Finding Your Purpose This is about finding your purpose–by not looking for it. Read on… We only struggle with the meaning of our life and the point of it all if we’re not in peace. “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” “What am I meant to do with my life?” In peace, our…

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pharrell williams Happy song + how its success was ignited by the power of peace

This is about the power of peace. And how it relates to the global success of Pharrell Williams’s song Happy. Getting this post straight to your inbox? Click here to see the videos. Did you know that when Pharrell and his team first released the song, they couldn’t get it on the air? And that…

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intuition, certainty, and the power of peace. it hit me like a mack truck

It hit me like a mack truck. Wave after wave of understanding. A new dawn. A new life. Everything has changed. Look at it from the outside and it looks similar–but inside…it’s a tsunami. Wave after wave. And they’re not stopping. I can hardly keep up. Inspiration I’m pulling out notebook after notebook and filling…

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