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how to become abundant

What I was Noticing I recently shared a story about something powerful that happened for me when I first started looking at money. It might serve you for me to share it here. I kept on noticing the number 108 everywhere. I’ve found it kind of fun to notice numbers and then look them up…

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marriage advice. because…I’m an expert?

Marriage Advice When one of my best friends asked for a video submission for her wedding from me and Matt clearly the obvious choice, since we’ve been married a whole three years, was marriage advice. We are NOT experts in this arena. AND, today is our anniversary. Happy 3 years, handsome!

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It Only Happens Twice A Year. 2.5 Hours of Coaching With Me

This opportunity comes only 2x per year. When fall arrives, I start to think about what’s ahead. I take a step back and up and look at things from a higher perspective. What am I aiming at? If anything was possible, what would I create in my life and my work? My Meltdown At the…

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getting raw and exposed in this post. here’s a story about me you didn’t expect

I’m going to let you in on a secret. It might shock those of you who say to me, write to me, or just silently think “Lindsey’s really got it all together.” Let me tell you a story that’s true. If you connect with me on Facebook or Instagram, you might know that I recently…

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The Power of Surrender

No More Striving Have you ever felt tired of ‘doing’? The rushing, the striving, the setting of goals and making them happen. The continual push towards a new bar–that you keep on raising higher. Me too. My Surrender Experiment Last year, inspired by other women I know and Michael Singer’s book The Surrender Experiment, I…

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why how we think about failure determines our success

Here’s a question: what if failure is a good thing? What if it means something amazing just happened? You dared. You stepped outside your comfort zone. You were bold. And–even if you felt scared and nervous–you were courageous. Story for You I did an improv workshop recently. I haven’t done anything like that since high…

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The Fear Cure

I recently read Dr. Lissa Rankin’s book The Fear Cure. Given the nature of my nervous system, I’m always on the lookout for books that help me calm down. One of the funny things about my life is that people always tell me how calm I seem to be, and I feel like I’m always…

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more happiness. Andrea Cairella interviewed me. here’s what I said.

Mo’ happiness. We want it. We seek it. We look for it. And, sometimes, we discover it was there all along. Andrea Cairella interviewed me for Relationship Lovecast Radio. We didn’t talk about relationships, but we did talk about happiness. Listen Here You can listen in here. Some of What Was Said If reading’s more…

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stop at nothing

The Power of the F Bomb This might come as a shock, and if you’ve got sensitive ears please cover them up. Sometimes, the most encouraging and impactful thing I say to myself is “F it”–except I, like, say the whole word. “F it.” Screw it. I’m going for it. What’s the worst that could…

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feel way better

It Begins Here After a talk I gave recently a woman said “I feel way better about what I was stressing about now.” The most fun thing about this is is: what she said really had very little to do with me. It had everything to with her. All I had done was asked her,…

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