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what to do if you don’t want your life to get even better. 12 proven tactics. (a life coaching manual)

1. Do not listen to your gut. Intuition is for suckers. The scientists that back it up are probably closeted new agers. 2. Let everyone else around you take the blame. It’s much easier than realizing every situation represents a choice. Remember: Ignorance is bliss. 3. First thing in the morning, tune into the biggest,…

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the pinball effect: how to stop smacking up against life and move towards your dharma

Bam! I ricocheted off the wrong career path. Again. Whammo! I recoiled from a relationship with the wrong man. Again. Kerblang! I curled away from a potential future ‘friend’ who actually wanted to be a mentee. Again. Zing! I escaped the oh-so-wrong-for-me networking group just before the hefty membership fees kicked in. Again. THEN: HEADING…

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the how of happiness: aka, the real reason I left my former magazine editor dream job to fumble my way towards my dream life

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when’s the only time you can be happy?

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peace + empowerment: 4 spots left! 4-week life coaching program starts week of March 5th

In celebration of the fact that coaching a certain number of clients is part of my Martha Beck life coaching certification AND in celebration of upcoming Spring 2012… Only 4 spots left! Zip me a note today for more info or to sign up! 4-WEEK PEACE + EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM • Only 4 spots left! •…

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introducing the illumination station: questions to brighten your soul

The older and wiser I get, the less I know. I have more questions than answers, more queries than statements, and believe more in the power of self-inquiry than the power of self assertion. One of my teachers, Swami Maheshananda Saraswati, once wrote to me: “I’m not going to answer all your questions, but keep…

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the high dive. what do you do when you feel fear? 1 uniquely powerful tool [vid]

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truth always feels good. a 4-step exploration of speaking up

I am not an expert at this. I’m not a pro. But then again, word has it that what we need to learn is what we teach best–because if we did it automatically, if it came instantly and naturally, how would we know how it happened? I had a whole schedule written up for inspired…

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how do you know what you really want? your essential vs. social self

E: Wanna play today? S: Nah, too much work work work to do. Later. E: Wanna play now? S: Nah, dishes, laundry, vacuuming to do. E: (sighs) How about tomorrow? S: Tomorrow. Maybe. Play: a : recreational activity; especially : the spontaneous activity of children b : absence of serious or harmful intent : jest…

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winter solstice, New Year’s Eve, aligning with what’s vital, and why I decided NOT to go to India

WINTER SOLSTICE The North Pole tilted as far away from the sun as it will get this year on Wednesday, December 21. For lots of North Americans, the shortest day of the year signals celebration, reflection, and a time to take stock for the upcoming year. The next day, the light began to make its…

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