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Living Yoga: From Fear to Love

Do you wish you could keep the calm, strong yoga love vibe happening OFF your yoga mat? Do you have moments in your day when stress or other ‘negative’ emotions overwhelm you? Do you want to feel as empowered in your daily life as you do right after a yoga class? This is pretty much…

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Kunda-What? Intro to Kundalini Yoga

We dance, we laugh, we sing, we work our bodies—and our souls. Kundalini is a dynamic, fast-paced, powerful form of yoga. Benefits include weight control, stress, anxiety and insomnia relief, lymphatic cleansing, and developing will power. Each class includes getting centred with a mantra, a warm-up, posture set, deep relaxation and meditation. Challenge yourself. Get…

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Yoga: At the Office Stress Busters Workshop this Sunday!

Working It: At the Office Stress BustersLearn the ins and outs of powerful yet simple stress relief for work. There are no attention-grabbing body bends on the menu. Based on the latest research and ancient yoga methods, Lindsey teaches a range of powerful techniques utilizing the breath, mind, and body. Price: $25 per person +…

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Yoga Day USA: Top 10 Reasons to Try it

Tomorrow is Yoga Day in the USA!Free yoga, workshops, and plain ol’ good times for any body. Check out their Top 10 reasons to do yoga. Go here to find events near you.

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Stress Buster: Workshops Coming Up

The Reality of Relaxation quote is pretty much the basis of my entire yoga practice and teachings: classes and workshops. At the Stress Busters for Students workshop I did at UBC for peer advisors, we learned yogic tools and techniques for tapping into the relaxation that is always there. We’ll be booking a second one,…

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