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What’s the Metaphor?

Lovely you, I hope you are well! Especially now, especially at this time. In this post I’m sharing: A video on a question that can provide you with the answers to your challenge–something that’s supporting my clients right now. (3.25 mins). That question is: What’s the metaphor here, for me? This is a coaching question…

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Telling Your Story Live Webinar

Something exciting is happening! I’m running an live online workshop on Telling Your Story. If you listen to my podcast, you’ve heard someone you love and others you’ve never met tell one of their stories. You’ve experienced the feeling of ‘I would love to do that’. You’ve been wanting to explore your own stories and…

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watching future-fantasizing

Lately I’ve been paying closer and closer attention to my mind. The thoughts I think. How they impact my day, my moment, the way I feel about everything. I’ve been noticing how often my mind defaults to thinking about the future. Sure, it thinks about the past, too–things that have come before this moment–but most…

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Surprise, it’s a surprise!

I was going to write a post on expecting the unexpected. On how I have practiced, over the years, letting Life take the wheel. On how I actually LOOK FORWARD to the surprises that I’m expecting. Side note: does that make them not a surprise? This is something I’ve been practicing. Letting go. Surrendering. Trusting….

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oh, there you are again

That’s what I’ve been saying to the parts of me that show up and go “Hey! You can’t relax! Are you NUTS?! Do you know what will happen if you do? You need to work hard and harder and even harder. And then–again tomorrow.” Oy. That was exhausting, living that way. And–life changing news flash!–it made…

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Self-Acceptance Vs. Self-Improvement

This. This is what I have been doing lately. Self-acceptance vs. self-improvement. It’s not work that comes naturally. I’m a recovering gotta show only the impressive bits lady. And lately I’m a mission to change that. For me. For my daughter. For the world. The Things I’d Never Say podcast is all about this. And…

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Balancing the Doing and the Being

I love lots of things. I love doing lots of things. It can be a problem. Because part of me is always dreaming of more, imagining more, and going “I wonder what it would be like to try ______. I bet it would be SO MUCH FUN!” It usually is. BEING TIME Lately, I’ve been…

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How to Hear From a Kick-Ass Wise Woman: You

Do you ever wish you could ask for advice from someone who knows you better than anyone? Me too. I’m doing new and unexpected things so damn often that I nearly always think “I wish someone could guide me here.” Then I ask the very best person to do that: me.  YOUR POWERFUL SELF Except:…

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I Started Being Radically Present and it Changed Everything

I’M NOT REALLY HERE Do you ever feel like you are in the room with someone you love, but not really in the room with someone you love? I felt that way a LOT. Like my mind was always on the next thing. Tomorrow. A month from now. Next year. My life was passing me…

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are your upper level limits holding you back? get more fulfillment, abundance, success and love

I have a hunch this is you… If you’re reading this, I have a hunch you are someone who dreams of a more fulfilling, free life. Where you feel like you are doing what you love, what fuels your soul. When you think of it, you may also see this life filled with abundance, success…

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