I was going to write a post on expecting the unexpected.

On how I have practiced, over the years, letting Life take the wheel. On how I actually LOOK FORWARD to the surprises that I’m expecting.

Side note: does that make them not a surprise?

This is something I’ve been practicing.

Letting go.



Then BAM! Life turned the wheel, and my world spun.

Here’s what happened:

  1. I got ejected from the studio I was working from. I’m kidding–I mostly said that to get your attention. The arrangement with the woman I was sharing with hadn’t been working well for a while. It was, in fact, driving me up the freaking wall. I SO wanted the space all to myself.

    But I didn’t get up the go to start making it happen. I let myself get more and more irritated with the current scenario. The one thing I did do was voice it: my dream to have the space to myself. I said “I’m voicing this because I believe it helps things to happen when we do that.”

    The next week, my studio mate initiated a conversation about us no longer sharing the space.

    The next day, I found a new one. It’s better than the old one in nearly every way. It’s in a neighborhood and building full of creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, and people who are doing what they choose and love. I freaking LOVE it! See pics on Instagram here.
  2. My personal trainer had a major scheduling change and could no longer accommodate my baby-life availability. And I really liked working out with him.

    But: my back was bugging me and was getting worse. I had been sleeping mainly on the couch because it seemed to help. I was seeing my chiropractor husband twice a week. It was getting bad.

    I was getting desperate.

    I needed help, and I didn’t know what form that could take.

    The week my trainer told me he could no longer train me, I found ClassPass. And that lead me to two new yoga classes. Which I freaking LOVE.

    One of which made my back feel better after a single class.

    The other one is three blocks from my new office.

  3. My ‘To Watch” list on Netflix disappeared. How does that even happen?!

    I signed up for Amazon Prime and discovered a whole new universe of shows I didn’t know existed and that I love. Including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

I recently met up with a Swami friend of mine–he happens to know a lot about astrology. He told me that at this time with what’s happening in the planet part of our world, lotso people are experiencing a shifting of their foundation. A time when what we were standing on is no longer there.

“That’s me!” I said.

Is it you, too?

If it is, I recommend two things:
1. Remember the butterfly. Many of these beauties become butterflies after letting go of who they were and the very ground they walked on. As caterpillars. Now, they fly.

2. If you’re willing to sit back and watch, get curious about how Life might be shaking things up for your Highest Good, you just might catch that train to bigger and better and more fun.

Light on,

Love Lindsey

Surprise, it’s a surprise!

June 3, 2019