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you, me and death

Holy CowI’ve been re-reading Sarah MacDonald’s Holy Cow, and considering her Buddhist studies, especially the idea that we should all sit down and think about death. Our own death. The death of loved ones. So I had it in my head at the beginning of this week that I might start thinking a bit about…

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reality check: Irish eyes aren’t smiling

“In Ireland, people are happy to just have a job. There are engineers selling newspapers.” Maybe we should go back and re-read that. I love reality checks. Here I am, cozily snuggled into my apartment I adore, in a classy neighbourhood I feel safe and secure in, writing my blog, zipping emails back-and-forth with future…

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learnings: how to be a victim

Blame GameNot my fault. So not my fault. Can you believe how he’s reacting? Did you hear what she did to me? That jerk just cut me off! I can’t believe she just ignored me and didn’t even say hi. There’s been a lot of this happening around me lately. And I’ve been noticing others…

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learnings: stinky but sweet

What the Nose KnowsHis smell comes first; my nose knows he’s near before I see him. It’s a combination of cigarettes, sweat, and plain ol’ dirt. I don’t know where he comes from, or where he sleeps at night, but nearly every morning on my walk he’s there: limp, greasy, dark hair and beard framing…

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Writer and Teacher Tara Lee on Dreams and Self Judgement

Yoga StylistaAbout TaraA freelance food writer and teacher in the English Department at UBC, Tara Lee lives the dream existence (although she sometimes still has to remind herself of that). She gets to be passionate about almost everything she does. Tara posts food, book, and random musings at Literary Culinary Rambles. Roles Sessional instructor, Freelance…

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New Year, New You? Take The Pressure Off

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’;New Year’s ResolutionsThe editor of a website I write for recently asked all of the contributors “What New Year’s resolution do you truly intend to keep this year?” The answers are inspiring and heartfelt, and I was thankful to be a part of the discussion, but my answer is “To practice letting go…

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Newsworthy: Snow in the City, Smiles in the City

Newsworthy It’s beautiful. Peaceful. Soothing. Irritating. Dangerous. Powerful. It’s snow. And it’s getting all kinds of bad press. But at my parent’s for the past few days over the holidays, I’ve noticed something lovely. Camaraderie. Snow brings it out in people. It might keep more of is inside when it’s dumping down and freezing cold,…

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Learnings: Feelin’ blue? Shake Your Booty

This may be old news for most people, but it just really hit home for me. I was in a funk, caught up in an emotional reaction. I sat in my chair and stewed (okay, I admit it, I cried). I thought about forgetting my morning walk, about just sitting there feeling sorry for myself….

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Learnings: Tidying Up to Calm Down?

Turns out mom was right (again). When we were turbulent teens, with raging hormones and even raginger reactions to parental guidance, mom said “Clean your room.” Did she know that tidying up would calm us down? All over the world, guys and gals who want to jive with their inner light make a habit of…

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Learnings: Life Lessons

What Can The Everyday Teach Us? That bus driver laying on the horn? The neighbour nosing into your business? The friend who is, once again, reliving every stress in his life, and then hanging up the phone? You want us to see these people as teachers?Yes, David Life and Sharon Gannon do want us to….

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