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happy national yoga month! free classes from My Yoga Online

September is National Yoga Month. Hurrrraaayyyy! Yay for yoga, yay for peace, yay for bringing it all to the world. To celebrate, my favourite online yoga resource–okay, full disclosure: I’m in love with them, and I work with them–My Yoga Online is offering a selection of free classes. Free. Yup, free. For anyone. Anywhere in…

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top 5 kundalini energy boosters [video]

It’s true. We all know that yoga is a great stress buster. It’s not such common knowledge that yoga’s a great energy booster. And, though I often use some classic Hatha asanas when I need to power up, Kundalini postures and breath-work are what I use the most. A couple of these power boosters are demo’d in…

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