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Top 5 Yoga Stress Busters, for Elephant Journal

Here’s what happens when we get stressed.Our sympathetic nervous system leaps in—with the best of intentions, to help us out. Suddenly, our heart starts pounding to increase circulation, our muscles contract to get ready for action, our digestive system slows down, our awareness centres power up, and adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol pump through…

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big season, big peace: tips for staying centered and happy during the bustling busyness

It’s that wonder-full, magical, beauty-full time of year. It can also be a time for feeling overwhelmed and maxed out. Take-Away Tipsto help you stay grounded and centred during the holidays–whether you’re last-minute shopping, or biting your tongue when family presses your buttons, as only family can. 1. BreatheYou know this. I know this. But…

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yoga: bye bye anxiety with Tara Stiles

RELATEDTop 5 Ayur Veda Tips: Stress Less

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yoga stylista: publicist karen green on kripalu and the bull who wouldn’t fight

Yoga Style KripaluPersonal Style jeans, Indian cottonMantra Buck up Karen works in marketing and publicity in the arts, dealing mostly with literary book publishing. She also writes a little–journalism and poetry–and edits, a little. When and why did you start practicing yoga?It was a while ago. I think some work colleagues (in Winnipeg) suggested going…

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stress less: top 5 ayur veda tips. hint: spiky plants do it with computers

“Ayur Veda is relationship.” Yogachaitanya dropped this insight, from Dr. Lad–one of the West’s hottest go-tos on holistic health system Ayur Veda–as the intro to his seminar yesterday evening. Known to his buds and students as Chai, Yogachaitanya walks the talk. He studied at the Bihar School of Yoga in India, mastered martial arts–he’s now…

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yoga stress buster: at your desk

Staring at a computer screen’s got a long way to go before its peace-inducing qualities rank up there with staring absent mindedly out the window. But, with a few tools and techniques up our sleeve, we can get nearly the same mind-calming nirvana when we’re working at our desk. No, seriously. But we need to…

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yoga teacher and Ayurvedic intern Madhuri: yoga fashion, Ayur Veda, and a woman’s search

Student of Life, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist InternPancha Karma Specialist Intern, Yoga Teacher A big fan of holistic health system Ayurveda, and a pro in her own right, Madhuri sees patients for Ayurvedic Consultations on an Intern basis in Vancouver, and offers Ayurvedic massage and therapies. She’s also on the faculty of the Langara College Yoga…

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Top 3 Yoga Poses for Anxiety

HeadstandHeadstand rocks anxiety’s boat mostly because we simply have to learn to drop out of our overprotective mind in order to do it. When we keep moving up into a place where, yeah, it kinda feels like we might fall over and break something, and then just breathe there, strong and tall, we teach our…

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Anxiety: Top 10 Ways to Deal, Through Yoga

Top 10 Ways to Deal with AnxietyTried and tested during my last bout, and found to be true, and freeing Remember that1. You are not your body2. What we resist persistsStop focusing on it. Stop resisting it. Stop thinking about it. Don’t feed it3. The mind creates the body4. You are not your mind Stop,…

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How Balanced Are You? Yoga For Finding Freedom

Finding BalanceBalanced living? Oh, sure, yup, I mean, of course. I take all the time I need to rest and rejuvenate and stay calm and peaceful and happy and sleeping well and eating well and spending time with my soul man and seeing friends and staying connected with my family and keeping my apartment neat…

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