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yoga body, your body, or: how to get the body of your dreams

Yoga Teachers Have Their Dream BodiesWell, not exactly. I’m not going to argue that all yoga teachers always feel great about the way they look. But I will argue that most yoga teachers–and yoga students–have a pretty good relationship with their bodies. Top 5 Reasons Why Yoga Gives You a Better Body1. Yoga encourages mindfulness in all…

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emotional intelligence

The higher the level of economic development, it seems, the more anaesthetized we have become to our emotional realities.~ Gabor Mate. M.D. [youtube] Loving this guy.

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mystic skeptic meets master healer: jaw drops

Mystic SkepticI’ve never felt the need to shake an 8-ball. When friends suggested Tarot card readings, I shrugged them off. Reiki sessions with an acquaintance waving her hands around my body just left me wishing for a massage. Until I met Dennis. He arrived in my yoga class–10 minutes before anyone else–a couple weeks ago….

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yoga: what the heck is it?

An intro, overview and kinda summation of this huge practice yogis consider life, courtesy What is Yoga?Yoga began in India about 5,000 years ago as a way to work the mind, body and spirit together as one. Since then, several studies have shown an active yoga lifestyle can help treat dozens of conditions including…

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Top Doc’s Book Prescribes Yoga as Medicine compiled a list:Ten Way to Stave off Illness, Buy The BookJoy Yoga’s Fave: Yoga as Medicine by Dr. Timothy McCall at Direct from the article:McCall, a practicing yogi and Western-trained physician, uses science to show how yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation can help treat conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, insomnia and…

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Top 10 Ayur Veda Tips From Vida Wellness Spa Director of Education and Training

Get Your ZzzzsGo to bed by 10 pm. Mom said it. Sleep research scientists say it. Apparently it’s taking us humans over 1000 years to get the message. Ayur Veda practitioners and doctors have been saying it since, well, way before Mom and modern science. It’s the oldest health system in the world. Go to…

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Yoga Proven to Help Back Pain

var addthis_pub=”joyforlife”; There’s always somebody in class with back pain. A bulging disc, a strained muscle, sciatica, or simple, but painful, tension. So we teachers tell them everything we can about how to modify, what adjustments to make, and assure them that, well, most people who come to yoga with back pain leave with a…

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Yoga Makes Good Lovin’

What? Why are you looking at me like that? Seriously, it was in the news. Nothing escapes our all-pervasive sex obsession. Not even yoga. The Times of India just published an entire piece on how, even though “the stated ideal of yoga is about attaining spiritual salvation” studies have shown the practice “revs up flagging…

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Yoga Tops for Top Athletes

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’; reports that top athletes are turning to yoga to improve their game. Related links:Yoga Better than Drugs for IBSYoga: Doctor’s Orders

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Yoga Better Than Drugs for IBS

Check this out: UK reports that a recent study found that yoga was a better treatment for irritable bowel syndrome than drugs. “A small study looked at 22 men with irritable bowel syndrome.[1] It compared drug treatment for diarrhoea (loperamide) with yoga. Both treatments reduced symptoms, but the people practising yoga showed slightly more…

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