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Happy New Year! ellie goulding. anything could happen. [music video] love

[youtube] J’adore Ellie Goulding. Anything could happen. Much love, L

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paul mccartney: simply having a wonderful christmas time [vid]

Merry Christmas! [youtube]

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5 yoga tunes to take home with you

Some of my new favourite Yogi Bhajan-style Kundalini yogi tunes to help rise up my day. Maybe yours, too. GURUNAM SINGH: SILENT MOONLIGHT MEDITATIONGet it here. 1. TRACK NaamTranslation: Essence, or identityIn other words: Tapping into your deepest self, brimming with loving-kindness, peace, strength and joy 2. TRACK Aad Guray NamehTranslation:Aad Guray NamehI bow to the Primal Guru…

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india arie: it’s a beautiful day

“Early in the morning. It’s the dawn of a new day. New hopes, new dreams, new ways. I open up my eyes and I open up my mind and I wonder how life will surprise me today.”

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leonard cohen: ring the bell that still can ring [vid]

Ring the bell that still can ringForget your perfect offeringThere is a crack in everythingThat’s how the light gets in– Leonard Cohen [youtube]

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K’s Choice: Come Live the Life You’re Given [music vid]

This is beautiful. I want to buy this song! But apparently I can’t in Canada, through iTunes or their site. If anyone can tell me how to get it, please let me know.

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Reema Datta: give love, get what you want, tune into your inner teacher

She’s one of those people who’s outer beauty reflects her inner self. I spent a few blissful hours with Reema Datta recently. She’s a powerhouse kirtan singer, and asana teacher. Her voice carries the divine, and rises us up. Below, some of the highlights I took away, now shared with you. On Getting What You…

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hallelujah, leonard cohen and will blunderfield

Love this song. Here it is, recently released by local Vancouver yogi Will Blunderfield.[youtube]

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give love: mc yogi, iPhones, and puppy love [video]

CoincidencesThe universe is always lighting our way with “coincidences.” The message is there for us to hear, if we listen. I had a follow-up appointment with my Ayur Vedic doc, Shiva (aka. Dr. Varma). Really, I just like talking to the guy, and, lucky for me, he’s happy to chat. So we got to jiving…

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moksha: the song. it’s like melodic freedom

Got this from a music-manic friend of mine. It’s inspiration for today. Instrumental post-rock (whatever that means) interpretation of the Sanskrit term for freedom, or liberation. The band’s called Caspian. The song’s called Moksha. RELATEDmc yogi and jai uttal kirtan jamming

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