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we create our life in every moment

The Power of Presence 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge has launched. Create your life in every moment. Go from reaction to creation, choosing from limited options to creating what’s ideal, and arrive in a state of powerful presence. Starts Nov. 7. Early bird ends tomorrow. Time is limited. Click for more info and registration. Let’s rise.

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21 day mindfulness challenge. you’re invited to The Power of Presence

The Power of Presence This 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge is about arriving in a state of powerful presence, a state where we move out of the sinking feeling of Quicksand and into the strength, calm and ability of the Power of Presence. Mindfulness can get us there. In any situation, at any time in your life,…

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Body.Life.Balance You’re invited! Body.Life.Balance is about a return to our true nature, giving ourselves permission to do what’s right for us, and learning some key proven AyurVedic health teachings that will help us bring our body and our life into balance. Bringing your body and your life into balance. So you can thrive. Do you…

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food: a love story. join me and holistic nutritionist Susanne Mueller for the next 30-Day challenge

Guys I am so excited to have the totally transformational, transparent and authentic Susanne Mueller of Susanne Mueller yoga and nutrition join us for the next 30-day challenge. Food: A Love Story It’s not about dieting. It’s about how you feel about food. How you feel about yourself. Fall in love with who you are….

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