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creating a home meditation practice, liberating your soul, and when things fall apart {guest post round-up}

10 Steps to Creating a Home Meditation Practice There’s a source of peace and strength in you that’s greater than any pain, upset, or bumps in the roads. There’s a place you can return to, time and again, to re-engage the core of your being. To find strength. To find peace. How? Read on… 10…

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january round-up: 2 year old life coach, faith in the face of fear, stress relief

“I love me” The Two Year Old Life Coach “We found the magical communication.” Nancy Duarte: How one woman manages an award-winning firm, family, her dog and a frog… “This activity decreases cortisol level, sympathetic nervous system activity—that’s the part of our nervous system in charge of our stress response—and decreases blood pressure and heart…

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December Round-Up: Intuition, Giving, Living the Life You Truly Want

5 Steps to Create Your Dream Year Lots of people told me they have already done the steps in this post – Ignited, on purpose, in alignment 7 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition for Mind Body Green – Practical, powerful Exploring Your Dark Side I reveal mine. – How to work with yours. Bright…

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