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knowing this one thing will help you do what you think you can’t

The doubting mind Ever get stuck thinking this way? “Sure, this sounds great. And maybe other people have done it. But I’m not other people. I can’t do what they’ve done.” This is a true story about apples and oranges I have a story to share with you about an inspiring guy I know. I’ll…

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If you ever feel like you should settle for less and not want so much, read this.

The Temptation to Settle for Less There’s times when I think maybe I should just be ok with what’s already here. And times when I wonder if maybe I’m dreaming of too much. And other times when I think to myself “If I was more spiritually evolved, I’d want less.” And then I smack that…

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your destiny: the one big teaching that Buddhism, yoga, and self-help miss out on

The Beauty of In-Sight From Buddhism we learn to navigate our thoughts and emotions, take responsibility for them, and not label them as good or bad. We invite in fear, anger, or jealousy and sit with them instead of avoid them. From self-help with learn that when we’re upset with people, it usually has more…

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inspirational video: break-dancing, overcoming bullying. brilliant [3.5 mins]

Weekly Inspirational Video Here’s this weeks’ inspirational video. This is one story. It’s his story. It’s our story. Breaking free. Finding brilliance. Brilliant. Signed up to have posts delivered straight to your inbox? Click the image below to watch the video. Watch the Inspirational Video Did this inspirational video make a difference in your day?…

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on being the change you want to see in your world

It’s all within you The seeking, the looking, the trying to change things The wishing they were different You are the light at the end of the tunnel You are the ray of sun that strikes through the clouds You are the unexpected opportunity, the break you were praying for You. Yes, you Gorgeous, infinitely…

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libre living life coaching prices going up

What People Are Saying about Libre Living Life Coaching “Like having a really practical, easy to read, and relevant users manual on how to connect with your soul.” – Marie “…to say this was a heady kind of high is an understatement.” – Parisa, Lighting Little Fires “She gives you the tools to make that…

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want things to be different? here’s how [quick, powerful, done]

Caught in the trap Schnap! The trap catches us. Clang! The metal door shuts. Ka-lunk. The lock slides into place. And we are stuck. Stuck in the thinking trap. Trying to think our way out of the stressful situation, trying to analyze it from every angle, sort out the issue and the other issue, and…

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Hey Vancouver: How to Develop Your Intuition

Developing Your Intuition Empowered. In grace. On track and on purpose. I’m stoked to be hosting this at Semperviva Yoga on March 9th. Do you want certainty about which direction to take—whether that’s generally-speaking, or to do with something specific? Do you want to know what choice to make, and know it’s the right one?…

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5 things that heart-centered successful entrepreneurs do

Peace. Ease. Joy. Empowered strength. Waking up with a ‘yes’ already formed on your lips. This day will be AMAZING. This day will be fulfilling, nourishing, REWARDING and the challenge will feel like a challenge, not a problem. Knowing you have all the skills you need, you have the ability, the capacity, and the courage….

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one easy trick for getting out of a funk and getting back on track

LET IT ALL OUTFreud originally introduced the term ‘repression.’ Carl Jung made history with his phrase, “What you resist persists.” And now Marcus Mund and Kristen Mitte at the University of Jena in Germany are reporting some impactful findings about the effects of not expressing emotion. So why did this recent study catch my attention…

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