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what Jennifer Lawrence and her Oscar have to do with you and your dharma

Jennifer Lawrence, her Oscar, and your Dharma What do Jennifer Lawrence and her Oscar have to do with you and your dharma? Keep reading. This is proof of really good stuff. Cosmic forces, soul-led living, and deeper, peaceful happiness. Surprising Affirmation The former magazine editor in me still lights up whenever the Vogue tombe lands…

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30-Day Happiness Challenge. September 1-30. Are you in?

From 0 to Global August’s 30-Day Happiness Challenge went from 0 to global, with 252 participants from all over the world. Vancouver, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Ohio, Orlando, Houston, Toronto, Panama City, Denver, Australia, South America, Europe and New York. More… September 1-30, let’s do it again Every day there is something to focus on, learn…

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what to do when what you want and what others want for you are two different things. Destiny calls.

What we want. And what we yearn for. What we think we can’t have. Do you feel conflicted? You’re not alone. One beautiful, powerful way to get what we want is to recognize the source of our desires—and our fears. Do you know your essential self? It knows you. And it knows your dharma, your…

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your destiny: the one big teaching that Buddhism, yoga, and self-help miss out on

The Beauty of In-Sight From Buddhism we learn to navigate our thoughts and emotions, take responsibility for them, and not label them as good or bad. We invite in fear, anger, or jealousy and sit with them instead of avoid them. From self-help with learn that when we’re upset with people, it usually has more…

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5 things that heart-centered successful entrepreneurs do

Peace. Ease. Joy. Empowered strength. Waking up with a ‘yes’ already formed on your lips. This day will be AMAZING. This day will be fulfilling, nourishing, REWARDING and the challenge will feel like a challenge, not a problem. Knowing you have all the skills you need, you have the ability, the capacity, and the courage….

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love vs fear: decisions that dance

ON FEAR AND LOVE The universe doesn’t reward us for living in fear. The universe is always guiding us towards the recognition that not only are we loved, we ARE love. Always. It’s frightening to make decisions from a place of love–as strange as that sounds. It feels easier to make choices that listen to…

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