October, 2008

Yoga Stylistas: Kate Colley

About KateThis PR maven represents tourism, travel and lifestyle brands throughout the province and has offices in Vancouver, and the Okanagan. Clients: spas, wineries, destinations, chefs and restaurants, a hotel, an author, an interior design firm and a jewelry line. Position/Role Principal, Kate Colley CommunicationsYoga Styles Anusara-Inspired, Hot and Power flowPersonal Style Aspiring Audrey with…

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Learnings: Lumps and Bumps

What a Cancer Scare Taught Me “Mom? I found a lump in my armpit.” Lucky for me, I have one of the most sensible moms on the planet, who also happens to know a lot about medical care–and a lot about the way my brain works. “It’s probably just a cyst. I know that Grandma…

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Stress Buster: Nervous System Knowledge

How Yoga Strengthens Your Stress ResponseInhale deeply, consciously. Do you feel energized? Now exhale deeply, consciously. Feel that release? It’s not just in your mind. The latest issue of Yoga Journal has a comprehensive article on how yoga strengthens your stress response, whether you react by retreating from stressors, or attacking them. Here’s my Top…

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Inspiration: Rumination

“Don’t ruminate on your life. Illuminate your life.” I think I made this quote up, but I’m not really sure. Either way, I love it.

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Take-Away Tip: Mind Over Matter

What I Learned From Gurmukh, Teacher to the Stars Cindy Crawford, David Duchovny, and countless other LA big wigs count on her to keep them in touch with what’s deeply true in the face of immense superficiality. She’s published two books, donates great amounts to charities, and travels the world sharing life-transforming Kundalini yoga sessions….

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Home Practice: Ease Into Peace

Why Hitting the Mat Makes Everything Better No exaggeration: when I’m on my mat, everything is better. Concern about deadlines? Beginning to fade. Anguish over a beautiful relationship gone awry? Slowly taking a backseat. And the all important: what to wear to the latest media bash? Gonzo. Here’s why: practicing asana asks us to become…

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Take-Away Tip: Corporate Yogini

Yoga Blog For Business PeopleDesk tension. It jumps the best of us. One minute we’re sitting, typing away, peacefully productive, the next we’re leaping from our desks, racing for a walk to work out the aches in our neck and hips (or is that just me?). I just discovered the Corporate Yogini. She’s started a…

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Philosophy: The Power of One

What ‘Om’ Can do For You For one tiny word, ‘Om’ has plenty of punch. I’ve heard it described as the one, original, primordial sacred sound; as the universal connection between all beings; as the ultimate mantra; as a tool for enlightenment; as the reverberation that ripples through every particle. As God. Yowza. The fact…

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Learnings: Still Learning

The Perfection of Imperfection Full disclosure: I’m super tired today. Competely exhausted, in fact. We had a fight last night. Me and my love. (He really is, despite it all.) We still haven’t made up. So this morning I’m sitting trying to come up with something positive, something “yogic”. And I can’t. So I sat….

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Learnings: Buddha Body, Yoga Body

Sticking it to Stereotypes The teacher wasn’t slim or trim. He didn’t look particularly strong, or flexible. We looked at him and thought “He’s the teacher?!” He had a Buddha belly. The Vinyasa flow started. In about 2 seconds flat, we were making damn sure we exhaled completely–to let go of the irritation. We were…

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