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Kundalini Yoga with Swami Mahesh: the goods for you

I got to spend the entire weekend with my mentor and friend Swami Maheshananda Saraswati, of the Satyananda lineage and the Bihar School of Yoga. I know it all sounds like an ancient mouthful, but here’s the greatest thing about Swami Mahesh: he’s a modern, on-trend Swami. He’s even on Facebook. When I first met…

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NEW Kundalini yoga class at Semperviva Yoga

Yayyyyyy! I’m officially teaching Kundalini Yoga every week at Semperviva Yoga. When: Thursdays, 9:30-10:45 amWhere: Semperviva Sky Studio What do we do? Check ‘er out: Yoga is Boring from Joy Yoga on Vimeo.

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FREE Kundalini Yoga

Hey all! I’m excited. Free yoga always gets me excited. Come on down if you wanna:FREE Kundalini yoga classWhere: Exhale Studio, Yaletown, VancouverWhen: Weds., July 8th, 9:30 am Yoga is Boring from Joy Yoga on Vimeo.

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sucky self-doubt? bring it on

There’s definitely something to be said for being humble. But self-doubt? Nadda. Not one good thing about it. Here’s the bad news: It had been growing like a weed in my good times garden for about a week. Name absolutely any activity you can think of, and I was feeling insecure about my ability to…

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yoga block rockin beats

there is a way through every blockstart now and the pressure will be off– Gurmukh RelatedKundalini meditation for the heartSemperviva’s Gloria Latham: work as play, kick-start to a dream

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mantras for heart yoga

However vague my understanding of the origins of Easter is, it seems like a good time to be inspired by spirituality. My connection lives in my heart. I know yoga teachers and yogis who say it’s in the third eye, centre of our intuition. But for me, it’s in my heart. Wanna wake yours up,…

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Free Kundalini Yoga

I’m so excited! I’ve finally scored a permanent Kundalini class! It’s going to be every Wednesday, starting April 8th, from 9:30-10:45 am at the beautiful Exhale Studio in tres chic Yaletown. It’s super easy to get here by bus, and a fun neighbourhood to people watch and window shop. The first class, on April 8th,…

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kundalini yoga queen’s 40 days to liberation

Here she is: Ms. America! Teacher to the stars. Lady in white. Cindy Crawford loves her. So does David Duchovny, REM, and oh, about every other start out there. She floats in, gets you to push your boundaries, and find the peace, the happiness, the total contentment, in your life. I’m doing her 40-Day Mediation…

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