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Top 10 Most Popular Yoga DVDs

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’;Not Just StuffWondering which yoga DVD is right for you? Sympatico/MSN’s been keeping track. Their shoppers are buying up:Yoga Sculpting: Yoga ZoneYoga Zone: Evening Stress Release For BeginnersYoga Journal’s Yoga For Back CareYoga For Urban LivingYoga Zone: Strengthen and ToneYoga Dance: Fire: Fat Burning and Weight LossYoga Kids 2: ABCsYoga Kids: Ages 3-6Yoga…

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Yoga On The Go: Free Online Yoga Classes

Free Yoga OnlineIt’s almost time for the last post before Christmas. As friends and students drive or jet off to see family, and studios lighten the class load being offered, I’ve had quite a few requests for at-home yoga flows. So here we are; a few options for keeping the love going while you, or…

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Top 5 Tap Into Peace Stress Busters

It seems nobody’s immune to the impact of our global recession. A good friend of mine recently lost a contract, with one day’s notice; my retired aunt may have to go back to work part-time; and I just lost half my classes at a studio that is cutting back due to low attendance. But quick!…

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Home Practice: Ease Into Peace

Why Hitting the Mat Makes Everything Better No exaggeration: when I’m on my mat, everything is better. Concern about deadlines? Beginning to fade. Anguish over a beautiful relationship gone awry? Slowly taking a backseat. And the all important: what to wear to the latest media bash? Gonzo. Here’s why: practicing asana asks us to become…

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Home Practice: Stillness

It was just ridiculous. There were so many things needing attention: the blanket I had wrapped around my knees was bunched all funny, the window wasn’t open, I’d forgotten to light the candle, my bangs were falling in my face, and I’d forgotten to cover up that annoying blinking light on my computer. I was…

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Take-Away Tip: Dr. Oz

To Keep the Yoga Going Off the Mat Oprah’s Dr. Oz is a yogi, too! He has a short and sweet morning routine, detailed here.

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Home Practice: Just Start

Getting going can be the hardest part. Some mornings, like today, I’ve been up late the night before, man oh man my mind is all over the place, and I’m convinced my body is telling me to go back to bed. “Don’t you think another hour’s sleep would benefit you more than meditation and asana?”…

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Home Practice: Flow

Sometimes it feels impossible. Flow. The calming of our mind, the being completely present, the breath that happens when we challenge our bodies just enough. I find it easier to find flow in a class, as a teacher or a student, partly because we all act as inspiration for each other, partly because at the…

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Home Practice: Unity

I began my at-home yoga practice partly as a way to spend time in solitude. Mornings spent on my own on my mat have been a savior for me in many ways. Though in my classes I hope to create a sense of connectedness between each person participating, I’ve always thought of my morning practice…

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