December, 2009

no pain, no gain

I kept on considering it: this yogic idea that pain is simply sensation. Frankly, it baffled me. It seemed completely beyond me. Annoying nigglings as sensation? Gotcha. Discomfort as sensation? No problemo. But pain as simply sensation–to be eased out of without it actually going away? Not so much. Until just the other day, in…

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yoga cats calendar

Too funny and adorable! The Yoga Cats wall calendar has fierce-looking felines getting down in Downward Dog, standing tall in Mountain, and even lounging around in Savasana. I wish I had a cat-loving yogi on my Christmas list. Then again, there’s always Yoga Dogs.

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Yogalosophy: Jennifer Aniston hearts yoga [video]

Straight from People Magazine:“It’s always good to have Friends. Jennifer Aniston appears in the introduction to the workout video Yogalosophy featuring her pal and yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber. “She brought yoga into my life,” says Aniston. “It completely changed my life.” The actress will also join SELF Magazine at a launch event Thursday in Los…

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max strom yoga: it’s a deal [video]

A few of the take-aways from a workshop with lovely, gentle, makes-women-declare-they-want-to-marry-him, Max Strom. On breathTo teach people to breathe, tell them what they’ll get out of it. (a better life) On the bodyThe hands are the extension of the mind. To relax the mind, relax the hands. On defining yoga–quickly and easilyYoga is a…

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