December, 2009

new year, new you? no pressure or anything

Forget about it. That’s the message I’m hearing. Forget making New Year’s resolutions. Forget deciding to do more of this, take in more of that. Take the pressure off. What I’m hearing in these past short weeks from the people who inspire me–love to, among others, Danielle LaPorte, Shiva Rea, Martha Beck, and D-Man–is this:…

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crazy people change the world

the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do

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Welcome Christmas: those Whos know how to do it

I love this movie. Who doesn’t? (Ha, pun unintended.) Welcome Christmas, in the spirit 0f giving from the heart, and connecting with people we love–and those we don’t even know. Merry Christmas! [youtube]

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big season, big peace: tips for staying centered and happy during the bustling busyness

It’s that wonder-full, magical, beauty-full time of year. It can also be a time for feeling overwhelmed and maxed out. Take-Away Tipsto help you stay grounded and centred during the holidays–whether you’re last-minute shopping, or biting your tongue when family presses your buttons, as only family can. 1. BreatheYou know this. I know this. But…

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inspiration: earth and sun

after all this timethe sun never says to the earth“you owe me”~rumi RELATEDsell yourselfleap for it

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Top 5 Holiday Health Tips from Yoga Teacher and Health Psychologist

Kelly McGonigal, a yoga teacher, shares some tips on taking care of yourself during the busy season. Why does what she has to say matter? She’s also a health psychologist at Stanford University and the author of a new book, Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Strategies for Calming Your Mind and Healing Your Chronic Pain….

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matisyahu: one day [video] RELATEDtrevor hall: unity over reason

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Is our world defined by polarities?

It’s everywhere. Yin and yang. Light and darkness. Sukha and Sthira. Ease and effort. Positive and negative. Sun and moon. Ha and Tha. And, of course, Newton: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Is our world defined by polarities? This is something I’m pondering. Because I’m thinking of the struggle against…

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puppies for stress relief

A story that has made my day. Filing it under ‘Earth is a good place to be’. Nevermind the fact that NBC Washington classified it under ‘Weird’. Finals week is here for students at ChapmanUniversity in Orange. And with it comes stress, study sessions and long sighs of frustration. The solution: 10 puppies. Maltese, Yorkie,…

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I tried to do handstands for you [video]

possibly RELATEDlove poem: radical acceptance

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