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If you ever feel like you should settle for less and not want so much, read this.

The Temptation to Settle for Less There’s times when I think maybe I should just be ok with what’s already here. And times when I wonder if maybe I’m dreaming of too much. And other times when I think to myself “If I was more spiritually evolved, I’d want less.” And then I smack that…

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welcome spring. weekly inspiration + uplift

Weekly inspiration and uplift Here it is! Did this image make you smile? Share it with someone else. Let’s lift each other up. Big love, L

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the Oprah of all ducks. Weekly inspiration

Weekly Inspiration Looking for inspiration today? Check out this inspiring video of this duck feeding Koi goldfish. Are you signed up to have these delivered straight to your inbox? Click the image below to see the actual video. Duck feeding Koi You get some food, and you get some food, and you get some food!…

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Merry Simple Christmas

On this day, may you have blessings, beauty and bright lights–inside and out. Big love, L

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