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lonely pain is supposed to be a good thing, I think. 10 things I’m doing with it

So…I’m human. Things aren’t always butterflies and sunshine. Sometimes things feel hard, and painful, and like a cut from a glass that broke as you were taking a long refreshing drink. In this moment, I know a few things:1. That, like Elephant Journal ed Waylon Lewis writes “In the Buddhist view the feeling of loneliness…

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5 yoga tips for lovers. singletons included, and chocolate-lovers, too. inspiration from David Deida [vid]

Have you read any of the works by David Deida? Immersed in the world of Hatha yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and meditation, plus research in medicine and consciousness since he was a teen (yup, he was admitted to the Florida Scholars Program for “gifted and unusual students” at the University of Florida before he’d even…

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