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November 30-Day Happiness Challenge

We’ve gone global We maxed out at 471 participants in the July and September 30-Day Happiness Challenge. They joined in from all over the world. Vancouver, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Ohio, Orlando, Houston, Toronto, Panama City, Denver, Australia, South America, Europe and New York. More… November 1-30, let’s do it again November’s 30-Day Happiness Challenge has…

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what to do if you don’t want your life to get even better. 12 proven tactics. (a life coaching manual)

1. Do not listen to your gut. Intuition is for suckers. The scientists that back it up are probably closeted new agers. 2. Let everyone else around you take the blame. It’s much easier than realizing every situation represents a choice. Remember: Ignorance is bliss. 3. First thing in the morning, tune into the biggest,…

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