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inspirational video: leaving a lasting impact on the world in his last days [2.5 mins]

Weekly Inspirational Video Here’s this weeks’ inspirational video. Kleenex? Check. Signed up to have posts delivered straight to your inbox? Click the image below to watch the video. Watch the Inspirational Video Did this inspirational video make a difference in your day? Share it with someone else. Let’s lift each other up. Big love, L

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tantrums + tiaras. what does your inner kid-critic throw at you?

I haven’t named her yet. Some people call theirs Fred. I’ve heard Fang. And Lucille. I haven’t gotten to that step, but I sure know what she likes to wear: tiaras. And I sure know what she likes to throw: tantrums. My inner self-saboteur is about two years old most of the time. Sometimes she’s…

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On Letting Go by Letting Be

  Trying to let something go? Try this: Let it be there.

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too busy to feel at ease? finding freedom and peace within structure and nutty schedules

So I used to think freedom and ease could only be found on vacation. I used to think it could only be found at rest. How could anybody be really busy–working a lot, going out a lot, seeing friends and family a lot, and getting their exercise in, too—and possibly feel that sense of deep…

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the purpose of play: or, why children really know how get things done

Here’s something to really throw some of us for a loop: locking down our innate nature and tendency towards freedom and flow–as in the standard 9-5 office setting or high school classroom, or, as in my own life, the 12-hour-day entrepreneurial workweek–actually works AGAINST our ability to learn and produce. Let’s combine two things: 1….

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