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Are things feeling really hard? Remember this one thing.

Just so you know… I have days where things are hard. Where I’d like to crawl beneath the duvet cover, pull it over my head, and stay there—indefinitely. I know you have days like this, too. I know you have days where you wish things were easier, and days that just feel so incredibly tough….

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what success really looks like

Successful people have it easy. Successful people get it right, right away. Successful people have an idea, then a plan, and then they take the step after step after step to get there. No problemo. Right? Erm, not quite. Here’s what success really looks like. It’s a circle, a square, a “one step forward, one…

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people who soar have strengthened their wings this way–do you?

I used to look at people who were living amazing lives and think “It must be so easy for them. They’re confident, smart, business-savvy AND creative. It must just be a snap.” I like to rationalize this temporary insanity by blaming it on my lack of self-awareness at the time. (I might use that excuse…

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