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love vs fear: decisions that dance

ON FEAR AND LOVE The universe doesn’t reward us for living in fear. The universe is always guiding us towards the recognition that not only are we loved, we ARE love. Always. It’s frightening to make decisions from a place of love–as strange as that sounds. It feels easier to make choices that listen to…

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one of my mentors once said to me “I wish you’d STOP looking for love!” Here’s the life-changing experience that came next [vid]

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5 + ways to stay sane during the holidays (and other nutty times)

1. Breathe. Our breath is the most powerful area of the nervous system we have the most control over. One of the first and most immediate side effects of the activation of the sympathetic nervous system–in charge of our fight, fight or flee response–is the shortening of our breath. Ask nearly anybody how they’re feeling…

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the power of one

You matter. I believe in the power of one. I believe the little things make a big difference. I believe in a world where we recognize our innate ability to evolve and help the world do the same. I believe in a world where we understand that to do this we start with ourselves. I…

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8 Ways to Help the Victims of Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami

10 Ways to Help Japan, via My Yoga OnlineTHREE FAVES: Save the Children is currently organizing efforts. Donations to its Children’s Emergency Fund will support outreach in Japan. GlobalGiving.org has launched the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Monies gathered via this fund will be given to a host of relief organizations helping victims around…

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