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the trick to getting what you really want

Hey lovely, what do you want? Do you want to know the trick to getting what you really want? Start here If I were to get _____, I’d be happier. That happiness would feel like _____, _____, and _____. Remember: you need to get specific. What does happiness feel like in terms of physical sensation?…

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what to do when what you want and what others want for you are two different things. Destiny calls.

What we want. And what we yearn for. What we think we can’t have. Do you feel conflicted? You’re not alone. One beautiful, powerful way to get what we want is to recognize the source of our desires—and our fears. Do you know your essential self? It knows you. And it knows your dharma, your…

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join your tribe. 30-Day Happiness Challenge has gone global

Hello beautifuls; I’m so excited. The 30-Day Happiness Challenge happening July 1-30 has gone global. We’ve got shiny souls from all over, including Vancouver, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Ohio, Orlando, Houston, Toronto, Panama City, Denver, Australia, South America, Europe and New York. It’s totally free, and combines the best spiritual wisdom with scientific research. It’s the…

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