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food: a love story. join me and holistic nutritionist Susanne Mueller for the next 30-Day challenge

Guys I am so excited to have the totally transformational, transparent and authentic Susanne Mueller of Susanne Mueller yoga and nutrition join us for the next 30-day challenge. Food: A Love Story It’s not about dieting. It’s about how you feel about food. How you feel about yourself. Fall in love with who you are….

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30 Day Happiness Challenge. Join 535 participants March 1.

Happiness Pure and Simple. I’m very stoked about our newest challenge. 30 Days One challenge per day arrives via email: Exercises, gratitudes, intentions, activities. All to boost your happiness. Let’s get happy Join 535+ participants in the 30-Day Happiness Challenges. From all over the world: Vancouver, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Ohio, Orlando, Houston, Toronto, Panama City,…

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let’s get happy. 10 ways to boost your happiness

10 Ways to Boost Your Happiness Happiness boosters. Load it on… 1. Stay here. The pure and simple thing about happiness is that it’s here and now. We get caught up by our mind in remembering the past and imagining the future. We miss the moment we’re living in. 2. Get immersed. Multi-tasking gets talked…

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30-day happiness challenge. are you in?

Hello lovely; Do you want a happiness boost? Do you ever look at those people who seem to be happy all the time and wonder how they do it? What do they know that you don’t? First off: Those people who seem to be happy all the time—they’re not. That being said, there are people…

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