January, 2016

more happiness. Andrea Cairella interviewed me. here’s what I said.

Mo’ happiness. We want it. We seek it. We look for it. And, sometimes, we discover it was there all along. Andrea Cairella interviewed me for Relationship Lovecast Radio. We didn’t talk about relationships, but we did talk about happiness. Listen Here You can listen in here. Some of What Was Said If reading’s more…

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6 ways to experience success–on your own terms

We miss this. We forget it. We get all caught up in so many other things. But when we get it, when we do it–everything changes. And Konstantin knew it. He reminded people of it. And then everything changed. Here are 6 ways to experience success–on your own terms 1. Do it for the love….

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this year, evoke magnificence. 5 steps to create your dream year

Looking Back to Jump Ahead Early in December, I start thinking about the new year. I look back on the year I just had and do something a coach I love calls “running game film.” Like an athlete will watch the film of the game they just played to assess how they did–what they rocked…

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