August, 2010

plum pretty sugar: too pretty to skip

Designer Charlotte Mills’ line is too pretty to pass up. Her Plum Pretty Sugar robes, tanks, tunic and cami dresses, lounge pants and shorts are a hit with the yoga set, and I had to share them on Joy for Life. Plus Charlotte’s nice and sweet and obviously thouroughly heart-invested in what she does. The piece above…

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what if there is no path?

“Carlos Castaneda’s teacher Don Juan told him once that there is no path really, only heart. So basically, we can follow any old path we want and it will lead us nowhere. And if you follow a heartless path, that is all it will be. But if we follow the path with heart, then, when…

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Yogi Bhajan’s 7 steps to happiness

He’s got the reputation of a king-saint in certain Kundalini circles. These seven steps to happiness, as defined by Yogi Bhajan, are definitely worth sharing. I found them on Daily Cup of Yoga and had to share them on Joy For Life. I love number 7. 1. CommitmentIn every life you are meant to commit. That…

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how to be alone, by Tanya Davis [poetry in motion]


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don’t freak out! kundalini yoga tips for going with the flow, for ElephantJournal

“Everything is going to be okay. You don’t need to control everything.” One of my favourite Kundalini teachers, Gloria Latham, spoke right through our hearts at the end of my last class with her. There we were in child’s pose, completely, blissfully spent after a full-on full-body Kundalini work-out. As we breathed and processed, Gloria’s…

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yoga and the roller coaster

It’s been a roller-coaster summer. Not just for me. I’ve talked with tons of super tuned-in, self-aware peeps who’ve all commented that if next summer is like this one, they’re:a) turning their bedroom into a bunker, for uber cry-sessionsb) setting aside extra moolah for retail therapyc) booking a vacation–by themselves Old habits, traits, and ways of…

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ask your neighbour for a cup of sugar

ask your neighbour for a cup of sugarand while you’re standing, waitinglet your eyes stroll around yesterday: Friday nightthere was a loudness to your heartbeat that unnerved youa rising sense of panic that was frighteningmostly because you knew there was no one aroundto distract you from itand you wanted to dive into your televisionto escape…

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when yoga is not enough: 5 resources for you

Everyone who reads my Joy for Life blog knows: Lindsey loves yoga. And I truly believe this practice is life-affirming. Yoga makes everything better.BUT there are times when we–and I–need more. That’s why I also love the following people, and what they have to offer. Thought I’d share them here, with you, so next time…

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