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Nancy Duarte. how one woman runs an award-winning firm, and manages family, marriage, some dogs and a frog

If you’re reading this site, you’re likely a woman. And–more than that–you’re likely a woman who has dreams and desires to live a life somewhat outside of ordinary. And you’re likely taking small but steady steps to get yourself there. If you’re like me, you might wonder about how the heck to do that and…

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the purpose of play: or, why children really know how get things done

Here’s something to really throw some of us for a loop: locking down our innate nature and tendency towards freedom and flow–as in the standard 9-5 office setting or high school classroom, or, as in my own life, the 12-hour-day entrepreneurial workweek–actually works AGAINST our ability to learn and produce. Let’s combine two things: 1….

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attention high achievers. ever feel overwhelmed + confused? kinda stuck? how to tap your instincts + get back in the flow

Here’s some kickers that might ring true for you: You’ve got to make lists, set deadlines, map it out, make it happen. Aint nothin’ gonna go down unless it’s in your daytimer/Blackberry/iPhone. I what? Exactly. Where’s the ‘I’ in all of that? Or rather, where’s the ‘you’? You’ve got the master plan. You’ve got the…

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