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early boxing day sale: Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living

I know, it’s not Boxing Day. I’m a bit early for a Boxing Day sale. But–I figure at this time of year any moolah-saving is a good thing, no matter what it’s called or when it is. And this way you can get yourself or someone you love a little (big) somethin’ somethin’ for a…

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big love + thanks

Wow, what a response to Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living. Two access codes maxed out. Multiple email back and forths. Facebook posts. * Big love and thanks to Public Myth, Tonic Lifestyle Apparel, The Yoga Diaries, and Daily Cup of Yoga for sharing this with your communities. Umpteen Tweets. * ‘specially thanks to…

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the real way to use yoga to manifest abundance

Yoga and manifesting abundance don’t usually go hand in hand. But the secret behind a lot of teachings around the law of attraction and manifesting your dream life is something very closely linked to yogic teachings. I didn’t realize this myself until I heard Martha Beck, America’s most famous life coach and the woman I…

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