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new york in short + grabbing the lizard brain by the jugular

MY FLYING MANTRA I’m not the only one petrified to fly. Anxiety runs in my family. My aunt once leapt from her seat to stand near the closing door to the plane cabin, so she could take what felt like her last breaths. “Mam, we need you to take your seat NOW.’ ‘I know, I…

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How are You Celebrating the New Year? 4 Week Peace + Empowerment Program

In celebration of the fact that coaching a certain number of clients is part of my Martha Beck life coaching certification AND in celebration of the New Year… Only 2 spots left! 4-WEEK PEACE + EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM 5 spots only–only 2 spots left! 4 coaching sessions 1st one FREE 50% discount off regular priced coaching…

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5 + ways to stay sane during the holidays (and other nutty times)

1. Breathe. Our breath is the most powerful area of the nervous system we have the most control over. One of the first and most immediate side effects of the activation of the sympathetic nervous system–in charge of our fight, fight or flee response–is the shortening of our breath. Ask nearly anybody how they’re feeling…

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taking a vacation from fear. 6 tools + tips to transform an hour–or your life

What would happen if we took a vacation from fear? What would happen if we dropped the worrying? This was the question posed by Martha Beck to all of us in her Life Coaching training seminar the other day. She asks this same question of her clients, when they’re feeling consumed with worry. Does it…

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the purpose of play: or, why children really know how get things done

Here’s something to really throw some of us for a loop: locking down our innate nature and tendency towards freedom and flow–as in the standard 9-5 office setting or high school classroom, or, as in my own life, the 12-hour-day entrepreneurial workweek–actually works AGAINST our ability to learn and produce. Let’s combine two things: 1….

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3 ‘You Deserve It’ 40% off Scholarship Spots Open for Revitalized Woman Weekend Retreat

We want to give you a getaway that’s more than a getaway. We’re offering: 3 ‘You Deserve It’ spaces at the Revitalized Woman Weekend Retreat—for 40% off. That’s 40% off the private accommodation price! All you need to do to be considered is answer this question in under 100 words: “Why do you need a…

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Overwhelmed? 10 Yoga + Mindfulness Tools. Go From Frazzled to Fine

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes. Sometimes all the time. It doesn’t matter whether you have relatively few responsibilities or a ton of them. Whether you’re a full-time professional or stay-at-home-mom—or both. Overwhelm is subjective, just like stress and anxiety. What one person finds exciting or challenging, another can find, frankly, cause for a freak-out. Luckily,…

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5 de-stress yoga tips for moms

Full disclosure: I’m not a mom. So what makes me think I can share tips that help moms de-stress and come back to calm? Because stress is universal and the tips that help it are, too. I’ve taught stress busters to corporate execs, academics, students and working moms. I’ve dealt with the Vata dosha–my dominant…

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6 mindfulness tips for meditating–and daily living

Back when I first started doing mindfulness-based corporate stress buster workshops for maxed out 9 to 5ers, I thought I’d come up with something truly unique and revolutionary. It’s always nice when the universe conspires to keep your ego in check. Though what I taught was fresh and new for the people who attended, I’ve learned…

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