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if you’re feeling stressed: what getting creative can do for you and your dharma

There’s a force within you. Do you feel it? Your soul is calling. It’s already ignited. The flame is lit. The embers glow. So do you. If you’re feeling stressed–anxious, jittery, tense, tired, exhausted, or irritable–the force of your dharma is pressing. Imagine trying to contain the sun. Instead: setting loose the force of nature…

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are you living your dharma? November’s 30-Day Happiness Challenge is up

We’ve gone global We maxed out at 471 participants in the July and September 30-Day Happiness Challenge. They joined in from all over the world. Vancouver, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Ohio, Orlando, Houston, Toronto, Panama City, Denver, Australia, South America, Europe and New York. More… November 1-30, let’s do it again November’s 30-Day Happiness Challenge has…

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