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outsourcing happiness. are you doing this?

“If I had a different job, I’d be happy.” “If my mom was more loving, I’d be happy.” “If my friends would be better to me, I’d be happy.” Here was my big one, and it was so big I didn’t even realize it was there ‘cos I’d believed it for years: “I can only…

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this month of love, love yourself

We can receive nothing from the world that we can’t give ourselves. This month of love…love yourself. I invite you to dive deep into the ocean of boundless, endless, indescribably powerful LOVE that exists within your very own heart. I invite you to drop the belief that love comes from outside. I invite you to…

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we all have darkness. it helps us see the light

“Not me, I’m not angry.” “Not me, I’m not vulnerable.” “Not me, I’m not insecure.” How many times do we tell ourselves this? Are you answering, “Not me, never?” I spent a lot of my life telling myself, and sometimes other people, these things. Of course, that meant I was riddled with these qualities. Pop!…

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