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talks that rock. 15 tips on speaking in public

Lunch and Learns, Speaking Gigs, and Workshops Nausea. Deep and jittery-inducing fear. The urge to hop a plane and arrive somewhere where no one knows my name, preferably with a beach so I can stick my head in the sand. Mood swings. Agitation. “Who the heck do I think I am?”–over and over and over…

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5 scary things powerful people do to feel like a superstar

It’s all natural, baby. They’re walking their walk, talking their talk, shining their superstar shine. How do those powerful people with all that PRESENCE keep on glowing? You know, like they’re doing it with no effort, like they feel confident and happy and free ALL the time? 1. Straddle a chair. Stand tall. Psychologist Deborah…

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