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how to handle your own negative thinking

Dearest you; The other day I had a conversation that I wish we had taped. I was in a cafe with a friend of mine, also an entrepreneur and change agent, and we started talking about what to do when you can’t cut the negative noise in your head. You know that noise: The “Who…

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the danger of positive thinking and affirmations

This is about the danger of positive thinking and affirmations, and how to identify how it shows up in your life. Plus: what to do instead. Bigger, better, more powerful. Powerful Thinking There’s power in truth. And weakness in lies. We lie to ourselves when we tell our self something is wonderful, and it really…

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is positive thinking all it’s cracked up to be? the power behind feeling vs. trying

Think positive! Be on the bright side! See that glass? It’s not half-empty, it’s half-full! Right?!!! Oy. It can be exhausting just thinking about positive thinking. The benefits of looking for the good in every situation, catching thoughts that we label ‘negative’ and shaking a very stern finger at them, and intoning affirmations written by…

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