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Q+A: How do I Manifest Money?

This month’s question is: How do I manifest money? In this video I’m talk about this idea of manifesting money and the three mistakes people make that prevent them from earning more and what to do instead. Receiving this straight to your inbox? Click here to watch the video. Q+A: How do I Manifest Money?…

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what would you do if money were no object? [inspiring video]

Big love to Cohabitaire for sharing this. L

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money, energy, love, and when you really really want something: 5 questions

This is an exploration. CASE STUDY 1: THE RUN-FOR-IT GIRLI was sending out emails daily letting people know I was available for work–and good at it, too!–applying for every job I could possibly have a chance at getting, and struggling to pay my bills. A friend of mine, someone I am continually blown away by, said this:…

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