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5 quick steps to lasting happiness (seriously) + a free session with me popped up on PopExpert

Happiness lasts Think of the last time you were the most happy. Bet you still feel happy just thinking of it. Today, think of three times in your life you were the most happy. Then think of what they all have in common. As a proof you’ve done this write: “I got clear on what…

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What are you dreaming of? Want help? Dream it and DO it 5-Step Map

Hey beautiful; I’m excited you’re going to get this map for F.R.E.E. It’s really powerful stuff. Click on this link –>  right here to complete the first step. Totally gratis. This Dream it and Do it map is 5 Steps. It’s something I put together for the award-winning life coaching website InvivoPlay. Yup, I was…

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Dream it and Do it + spring sale on life coaching

Hello beautifuls; I’m excited. Things are blooming. Not just flowers–hello, spring!–but also opportunities, connections and partnerships. Dream it + Do it Life Coaching Challenge The newest partnership is with Sweden-based award-winning life coaching portal InvivoPlay. Co-founder Maja Dahlin Lundbergh, aka Positive Psychology Genius, asked if I’d be interested in becoming a partner life coach, and…

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