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keeping the faith. 5 ways to keep the faith in the face of fear

I dream big. Scratch that. I’m called to act on a scale that is bigger than me. It’s like an ache in my heart that gets louder and achier if I try to ignore it. It’s like a fire in my belly that gets stronger and hotter if I stop paying attention. It keeps me…

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love vs fear: decisions that dance

ON FEAR AND LOVE The universe doesn’t reward us for living in fear. The universe is always guiding us towards the recognition that not only are we loved, we ARE love. Always. It’s frightening to make decisions from a place of love–as strange as that sounds. It feels easier to make choices that listen to…

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the high dive. what do you do when you feel fear? 1 uniquely powerful tool [vid]

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overriding lizard brain. 5 ways to go beyond fear, anger + negativity

THE WAY IN The mind has a way of taking control. Scientists call our Amygdala–the region of our brain pretty much in charge of feelings of anxiety, fear, anger and negativity–our “lizard brain.” Why lizard brain? Because this area of our brain evolved a loooong time ago, back when our primal lizard-ish concerns were much…

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The Freedom of Fear

Yes. Dive into it. Explore it. What does fear feel like to you? Like a shot to the back of the head that nearly blinds you…or maybe like being held under water while you desperately scramble to come up? That’s what fear used to feel like to me. And I should know; I felt it…

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Jonathan Fields: Turning Fear into Fuel [vid]

Jonathan Fields on how to turn fear into fuel. Fantastic!

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