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May Diva Date Night: Authentic Feminine Creativity

‘I just LOVE being the Community Director of the Vancouver Conscious Divas Date Nights. Join us for some love. x L’ DIVA DATE NIGHT MAY TOPIC | Authentic Feminine Creativity! With special co-host, Martine Kleissen Do you feel that your true, authentic creativity has been stuffed down and stifled, almost to the point of being…

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Hey Vancouver: Self Loving. Conscious Diva Date Night, April 16

Love that I get to be Vancouver community director for these uplifted, loving ladies–our Conscious Divas. With special co-host, Christine Arylo Do you ever talk down to yourself, think your not good enough or smart enough; do you get upset with yourself or blame yourself when something goes wrong or you make a simple, every…

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Vancouver: Love your body. February 5th

I’m feeling all loved-up about facilitating Kate Muker’s Vancouver Diva Date Nights in Gastown. It’s a group of gorgeous souls–all women–who get together to connect and learn from featured presenters from all over North America. On February 5th, we’re hosting the inspiring Amber Krzys. You have the power to stand forward and claim your “enoughness,”…

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